Friday, 12 May 2017

Journey of the Mountain Stream.

I just completed one interesting assignment which I will share shortly, and finally got around to completing this drawing- the idea for which had been brewing in my mind for over a year  This occurred to me during the two treks I undertook last year, but mostly in Kalap where we relied only on stream water in the beautiful forests to quench our thirst. While savouring the water from different mountain streams, each having their distinct taste, I imagined the water melting from the mountains into my parched throat- So, do you know why mountain stream water tastes delicious ?
Kissed by the Sun,
Icy crystals turn into liquid silver
On the high mountains.
Down they begin flowing,
Purified by fish of myriad colours,
And scented with the fragrances of cypress, pine and deodar,
Merrily it flows over gems and crystals,
Agate, quartz, and jasper, that the forests are strewn with,
Holding the music of the birds in their sparkling veins,
As they chirp and feed on its waters,
Tasted by leopards and bears (to add to the exotic quotient :-),
Dusted with the pollen of flowers
And enriched by their sweetness,
Frolicking under the moon and million stars,
Each drop holds beautiful stories,
Penned by forest fairies.
And when I drink that water,
I hold them in the atoms of my body.
Next time you taste mountain stream water, remember how it has travelled to you, and you will appreciate it manifold.

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