Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Journey of a Handwoven Piece of Fabric- Photo story

In the few days that I spent at Bhujodi, during my Kutch trip, painting a wall outside  the award-winning Master weaver Dayabhai Ala's home, I had the opportunity to observe how the shawls and saris that we adorn ourselves with, evolves from the thread to the beautiful fabrics ready for use. Here's the photo story....

At Bhujodi, in Ashok bhai's house, bundles of thread are bought by the kilo from Ludhiana..This one is merino wool thread..

The strands of thread are separated so that it doesn't get entangled.

                  A closer look..

Water being boiled for the starch..

The starch used is that from wheat..

The separated thread is then dipped into the starch..

The entire length of the thread..

 The drying process starts early in the morning to benefit maximum from the sun..

 The whole family gets busy with the drying process..

The threads are then combed to separate the strands again..

The special comb..:-)

The dried and starched thread is then spun onto a bobbin which is then used on the loom

 The master weaver at work.  The shawls/saris are either dyed after being woven or in some cases the thread is dyed and then woven.

And finally they are ready to fly to new homes and closets..:-)

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